Personal financial coaching

Personal financial coaching (one-on-one online sessions for 3 months)

Kshs. 30,000

Financial & Life Skills Training

3 – 6 months financial and life skills training

Kshs. 50,000

Corporate & Institutional Training

Kshs. 50,000 per session

In case you want a one-off consultation on personal financial matters, we charge a token of Kshs.5,000.

Key Topics in Personal Financial Coaching

Developing the big picture perspective

  • Breaking the ground
  • Your big why
  • Finding your true North or purpose in life

Working out your current financial position

  • Calculating your net worth/balance sheet
  • Understanding the implications of your net worth 
  • Improving your net worth statement

Breaking your financial vicious cycle

  • Determining your financial blue print
  • Beliefs, attitudes and thoughts about money (What you believe, say and do with money)
  • Improving your relationship with money

Personal financial planning guidelines

  • Setting financial goals
  • Budgeting
  • Developing a Saving culture
  • Investment and retirement planning 

Protecting your assets

  • Estate planning: writing will
  • Forming a company
  • Taking insurance policies
  • Paying tax and filing returns

Identifying your passion business

  • Using the TRAP model to identify your purpose
  • Monetising your TRAP
  • Networking strategies

Implementation of financial lessons

  • Picturise, prayerise and actualise (PPA)
  • Building accountability 
  • Regular review set goals 
  • Feedback on progress made

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