who we are

About Chachanomics

Chachanomics is an interactive personal financial program that teaches people of all walks of life about basic skills on personal financial management and wealth creation. The skills include budgeting, tracking one’s expenses, saving, investing, debt management, and asset protection.

It is anchored on the philosophy/vision of transforming lives through acquisition of sound personal financial literacy skills.

Our mission is to empower the youth, middle-aged and the old with financial literacy skills that can transform their lives for the better. We understand that financial wellness is the glue that holds other pillars of life together.

We offer the following services at affordable rates 

  • Personal financial coaching (one-on-one online sessions for 3 months) @30,000
  • 3 – 6 months financial and life skills training @50,000
  • Corporate and institutional training based @50,000 per session
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    About the Founder and Lead Trainer

    Chacha Nyaigoti Bichang’a is a Lecturer, Unionist, Financial Coach, Mentor and Author of Mastering Your Money. He has a profound passion in Personal Finance, Leadership and Personal Development besides teaching Linguistics at the university. He participates in radio talk shows on personal financial issues, Metropol TV Business AM and Eye on the Money,   and offers expert advice on Saturday Nation column on Personal Finance.

    He is the founder of Chachanomics Ltd, a Consulting Company that offers Mentorship and Coaching Programmes anchored on the philosophy of ‘Transforming Lives’. He has attended a number of personal financial and life skills training programs that have shaped his financial knowledge, skills, and changed his beliefs/mind-sets about money and wealth creation. He holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics and Bachelor of Education (Arts) Degree. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Applied Linguistics.

    He is married to Tabitha and blessed with four children: Garang, Barrack, Ocampo and Michelle.