Mastering Your Money: A Practical Guide in Your Journey to Personal Financial Freedom

Snippet of Mastering Your Money: A Practical Guide in Your Journey to Personal Financial Freedom

Mastering Your Money is not just an ordinary book but a practical personal financial manual which is, undoubtedly, the best book of our time. It is the game-changer that reveals the missing link between the desire for personal financial freedom and how to achieve it.

Have you asked yourself any of these questions: “Why do many people keep wondering what money is really about? How do I overcome my financial problems? How do I manage my money so well that I can save, invest and get out of the trap of debt?

The answers to these questions are neither easy nor straightforward. They have a direct connection to the mind as a result of our socialisation or upbringing. In his ground-breaking Mastering Your Money, Chacha Nyaigoti Bichang’a states, “Despite its numerous benefits, money is a very controversial, emotive and tabooed subject especially in many African communities. It is rarely talked about positively at home, school, church, workplace, social events, mass media and in the street yet money is the glue that holds other pillars of life. 

The inherent lack of personal financial mastery, therefore, becomes the main challenge that people face on a daily basis. Ignorance on how money works is the leading contributor of our societal problems such as divorce or marital separation, relationships turning sour, disintegration of churches, theft/robbery, collapse of the private and public institutions, employees remaining stuck in their dead-end jobs, millions of people being trapped in bad debts and third world countries’ skyrocketing debt crisis.”

Mastering Your Money contains three-books-in-one. Part One, Putting Money into Perspective, demystifies the concept of money and acts as a mirror through which you will improve the way you relate with money. Through Chacha’s rare combination of financial nuggets and his real life story showing how financial vicious cycles are formed, you will be able to identify how your thoughts, beliefs and behaviour patterns have contributed to your current financial situation. You will discover whether you have a healthy or unhealthy relationship with money and be challenged to work towards changing your financial story.

In Part Two, Financial Stressors, you will be introduced to seven common financial problems people face which includes the trap and shame of debt, spending without a budget, misguided investments among others. Through a snapshot of other people’s real life stories, Mastering Your Money gives a spotlight on how people are enslaved by the escalating digital money lenders and the allure of salary advances. This part touches a raw nerve in the diagnosis of the financial stress debtors and reckless spenders undergo. The good news is that this part also offers a prescription for each of the diagnosed common financial ailments. 

Part Three, Pillars of Mastering Your Money, is the real deal that provides five fundamental principles of taking control of your money so that it works for you. It further sums up with financial tips for different age groups in order to guide you take appropriate action in line with your respective age bracket.

In a nutshell, Mastering Your Money has simple and easy-to-do reflective questions, Mastering Your Money Exercises, which are relevant to the content learnt in every chapter. Besides it has Master Your Money Lesson that wraps the take home financial wisdom for you to bear in mind.


From a financial lockdown to personal financial freedom, Mastering Your Money is a step-by-step personal financial manual for every person who is keen on attaining financial independence.” Chacha Nyaigoti Bichang’a

Author’s comment

It has taken me over five years to ingenuously craft the personal financial gem, Mastering Your Money. This manual is blended with personal experience, spanning over 40 years since my childhood to date. I have also incorporated other people’s real life stories and conversations about money and wealth creation.

It is my sincere belief that you will find this book truly helpful in your journey to mastering your money and attaining personal financial freedom.

Price : Kshs 1,000 (Exclusive of sending Charges)